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Management Audits & Assessment

Are the teams able to execute the strategy, to realise the goals? Continuously auditing and assessing Leadership and Organisational Capabilities are essential to ensure enduring success.

We offer companies the possibility to organise assessments processes with situational tests, questionnaires, interviews that simulate real situations, combining possibilities for online, semi-face-to-face and full face-to-face assessments. To organise both individual and aggregated information of the group of people to be evaluated. We support the processes from start to finish, supported on a single platform.

For participants we offer an opportunity for development and growth, and to obtain valuable insights related to their levels of competence, learn about impediments, allowing selected groups of people to get to know themselves and /or each other better. In international companies assessments are normally done in the corporate as well and as in the local languages.

Together with our PANORAMA Partner Talengo we offer regular and continuous information on the progress of all our assessment processes with direct access to the platform. At PANORAMA we combine our own methods with the most reliable diagnostic solutions on the market: this allows to obtain a broad vision of the profile of the executive and to use different evaluation solutions in a single process. As trusted advisors, each of our executive evaluation processes is accompanied by a communication plan to avoid speculation and reduce possible concern amongst those involved. Our online Platform KONOS supports Executive Assessment – Development – Multicultural Assessment – Management Audits and Development Centres. (See More about KONOS-link)


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