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Diversity & Inclusion

A. Individual and Team Performance Assessment on Inclusive Leadership

Within our Panorama Group we work with our own Inclusive Leadership Assessment and our own Leadership Development Program. Part of the assessment process is a 360o appraisal by peers or direct reports. The assessment and programme are embedded in a Personal Coaching Program, which partly online and partly offline.

B. Raising awareness at the senior management team level

Within our Panorama Network we work with our own Vitality and Inclusion Awareness Training, specifically designed to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion and diversity for business performance, as well as to understand unconscious bias.

The business case for inclusion and diversity in executive teams remains strong: in the last five years McKinsey, amongst other consultancy firms, has been investigating the business case for inclusion and diversity. Likelihood of financial outperformance in percentages have over the years grown from +15 % to +25% when focusing on gender equality and have been around +35% when focusing on ethnic diversity.

The program can be tailored to senior management and senior stakeholders and to larger teams:

  • Working with board members to raise awareness about the strategic importance of promoting a management model based on inclusion and diversity and the importance of identifying and managing unconscious biases
  • Working with Heads of Businesses and Heads of Countries to increase understanding of the business case for diversity and inclusion. Exploring the impact of unconscious biases, different ways of reducing them and developing an inclusive, high performance culture.
  • Working with larger teams to raise awareness of the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The Awareness Raising Sessions are typically tailor-made to the specific needs of the group, adapting both content and approach to ensure maximum impact.

Our Project Teams are typically made up of our CONSULTIVE-PANORAMA consultants and Human Resources team members of our Clients, in order to establish the project’s scope and actions, specify objectives, deliverables and create a detailed work calendar and follow-up. We design or help to design Communication Plans to be used throughout the projects. Apart from the Pre-Work and Post-Work, the Awareness-raising Sessions themselves normally take a half-day.

C. Creating a more inclusive, high performance culture

To create a more inclusive, high performance culture we developed our Inclusion Maturity Index. IMI projects typically consist of three phases:

  • Analysis – The Inclusion Diagnostic on the status of inclusion in the organisation
  • Knowledge Build-up – Discovery of Best Practices in other companies
  • Action Plan Design – Implementation


1.1 Analysis of the background information on existing D&I policies.
1.2 Standardised qualitative diagnostic through individual interviews.
1.3 Questionnaire designed for the managers of the areas responsible for recruiting, attracting and developing talent.Knowledge Build-up:2.1 Study of the I&D practices and policies of leading companies with solid I&D models that will serve as an inspiration.

2.2 Making a comparison in different areas in which diversity should be present when it is part of a company’s strategy, culture and values. Dimensions to be looked into are gender diversity, generational diversity, cultural diversity.

Action Plans Design – Implementation:

3.1 A detailed Action Plan, with short, medium and long-term initiatives so that SN can make decisions and prioritise actions.

3.2 The report will contain the Benchmark of the 3 companies that were chosen to be a reference in their diversity and inclusion practices. Likewise, it will analyse the level of D&I policy maturity using PANORAMA’s Maturity Index, which will help define the upcoming challenges and actions in the different areas that are part of implementing an Inclusive and Diversity culture.

3.3 The report will include recommendations for the short, medium and long term in the following areas:

  • Corporate Culture and Values
  • Benchmark results and conclusions
  • Processes and Policies. Improvements
  • Global framework of corporate recommendations to improve Diversity and Inclusion
  • In the short, medium and long term
  • Global awareness-raising actions
  • Actions for specific groups
  • Communication Plan
  • Follow-up KPI’s

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