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Our services: Mental Resilience in the Boardroom

Complex times with intricate challenges require deliberate answers. Conscious leadership is increasingly important at the Board Level. ‘Wisdom in Business’ is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for leaders, but a prerequisite for the continued success of the organisation and for the involvement of people. Leadership with an eye for the importance of mental resilience – of Board members themselves and for the organisation as a whole. Leadership with an eye for diversity and inclusion.

At Consultive, we support these developments with various interventions to increase the resilience of people and organisations, the awareness of leadership and the sustainability of results. Apart from our executive search practice, in which we search for leaders, that know who to lead forward, we support our clients with many other leadership services.

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For ‘Conscious Leadership’ we use the methodology of ‘Deep Change’ with which we have a partnership. View Cindy Whigglesworth’s whitepaper on ‘Deep Intelligence’ and contact Frans Versteeg for more information: frans.versteeg@consultivesearch.com