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Wiltfried Idema


Wiltfried Idema has many years of experience in Senior Executive Search, and operates within his large and important network in Private Equity, Legal, Life Sciences, and Not-for-Profit & Government sectors. As a trusted advisor, Wiltfried’s clients like to discuss with him the present state and development of their organisations. Wilfried’s is able to select the best matching leaders and supervisors, who will make the difference.

Wiltfried stays in close contact with his clients. Not only during the executive search process and its follow up, but also to remain well informed and ready to provide services. He combines an inquisitive mind and a keen interest in organisations and people with the passion to succeed.

Wiltfried read Medicine and History of Art at Leiden University.

Mob nr: +31653819495
Email: wiltfried.idema@consultivesearch.com