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Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth


Some men want to become firefighters, but I wanted to become director of an advertising agency. And you have to do something  get there. After HEAO communication and additional training / NIMA B and C, communication C I received international trainings at major international agencies. In short, I was completely prepared for everything that is marketing and communication.

Jan Willem’s background is one of many large communication agencies at home and abroad. A real builder. Knowing how to make something and a lot from nothing. At Saatchi, Publicis, MCann Erickson, WPP and more. Together with Lex Harding, the founder of radio538, we built a multimedia platform in which a very healthy EBITDA ensured that John De Mol bought us and we (John and Jan Willem) continued to build it further together for 6 years. And it earned Jan Willem the title of Radio Man of the Year. In addition, the role as a member of various juries, chair of the radio industry and advisor to State Secretary for Media and Culture. His credo is: ‘seize the day!’

Who is Jan Willem? A verbally strong person and communicates in a stimulating, lively way. He conveys his enthusiasm to others, articulated and full of ideas. Jan Willem likes to get along and takes initiative to get things done, but never alone. He has a lot of human knowledge that helps him get things done. Jan Willem wants to see results quickly. He is also adventurous and enterprising and does not worry too much. But is at all times a group person who leads strongly!

Mob nr: +31654744323

E-mail: JanWillem.Bruggenwirth@Consultivesearch.com